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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Artist: Jig-Ai
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Location: Prague
Status: Active
Formed in: 2005
Years active: 2005-present
Genre: Death Metal/Gore Grind
Lyrical themes: Guro/Hentai, Misogyny, Rape, Gore, Humour
Current label: Bizarre Leprous Production
Buraak: Bass (2005-present)
Brain: Guitars, Vocals (2005-present)
Kaspy: Drums (2011-present)

Photo from left to right: Brain, Burák, Štefy
The band's artwork and lyrical themes are both based off of Guro, a genre of hentai (anime porn) which is characterised by extremely violent images of anime characters (often female) being mutilated in a sexually appealing way.
Jigai was a traditional method of ritual suicide for women in Japan.
Compilation Appearances:
 - "Vogelgrippe-N" (0:39) on "Splatter Fetish - 100 Way Cumpilation" (Parkinson Wankfist, 25/09/2007)

  Jig-Ai (2006)

  Katana Orgy (2008)

  Jig-ai / Ass to Mouth - Split (2011)

  Rising Sun Carnage (2014)