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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Artist: Anathema
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Liverpool, England
Status: Active
Formed in: 1990
Years active: 1990 (as Pagan Angel), 1990-present
Genre: Doom/Death Metal (early), Progressive/Alternative Rock (later)
Lyrical themes: Doom, Personal struggles, Love, Despair, Spirituality
Current label: Kscope Music
Jamie Cavanagh: Bass (1990-1991, 2001-present) 
John Douglas: Drums (1990-1997, 1998-2014, 2017-present), Keyboards (2011-present), Percussion, Programming (2014-present) 
Vincent Cavanagh: Guitars (1990-present), Vocals (lead) (1995-present), Keyboards (2011-present) 
Danny Cavanagh: Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (1990-2002, 2003-present) 
Lee Douglas: Vocals (backing) (2000-present), Vocals (lead) (2003-present) 
Daniel Cardoso: Keyboards, Drums (2012-present) 

In the beginning, Anathema were a doom/death metal band. Progressively, they've changed their music, today playing atmospheric/progressive rock.
 Guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over as the band's vocalist when Darren J. White left. Anathema currently have four of the original five band members in their line-up, but Vincent Cavanagh has been the only ever-present.
 Anathema effectively traded keyboard players with Cradle of Filth in 2000. Martin Powell left his role as Anathema's live keyboardist to join Cradle as replacement for Les Smith, who then went on to join Anathema first in a touring capacity and later as a permanent member.
 Shortly after the release of A Fine Day to Exit, Danny left the band and relocated to Ireland to work with Duncan Patterson in Antimatter. That did not work out and Danny returned to Anathema with a full album's worth of songs which became A Natural Disaster.
 Vincent, Danny and Jamie Cavanagh are brothers, and Vincent and Jamie are twins. Lee and John Douglas are brother and sister.

Compilation Appearances
 - "Lovelorn Rhapsody" on Peaceville Vol. 4 (Peaceville, 1992)
 - "Welcome to Hell" on In the Name of Satan: A Tribute to Venom  (1994)
 - "Read Between the Lies" on Slatanic Slaughter II: A Tribute to Slayer (1996)
 - "Better Off Dead" on Peaceville X (Peaceville, 1998)
 - "Wasted Years" on Maiden Heaven, Volume 2 (Kerrang! Magazine, 2016)


  Serenades (1993)

  The Silent Enigma (1995)

  Eternity (1996)

  Alternative 4 (1998)

  Judgement (1999)

  A Fine Day to Exit (2001)

  A Natural Disaster (2003)

  Hindsight (2008)

  We're Here Because We're Here (2010)

  Falling Deeper (2011)

  Weather Systems (2012)

  Distant Satellites (2014)

  The Optimist (2017)