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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bucher ABC - Butchered Feast of Being

Artist: Butcher ABC
Album: Butchered Feast of Being
Type: EP
Release date: July 2006
Catalog ID: ORCD 068
Format: CD
MP3 | 128Kbps | 33:23 | 35,6Mb
1. Enter the Realm of...  01:41
2. Bolt Slaughter  05:19
3. ABC Butchers Co. Ltd.  01:45
4. Vice  02:59
5. Suffer  03:49
6. Velvet of the Godless (Divine Eve cover)  03:49
7. Bolt Slaughter (Unmastered Version)* 05:19
8. ABC Butchers Co. Ltd (Unmastered Version)* 01:45
9. Vice (Unmastered Version)* 02:59
10. Suffer (Unmastered Version)* 03:53

*Tracks 7-10 - Pre-Mastering Version
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Music Force in 2004/2005.
Produced by Butcher ABC.



Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ascoculto - El comegente

Artist: Ascoculto
Album: El Comegenta
Type: Full-length
Release date: October 2007
Catalog ID: NARECS 002
Label: Niño Abuelo Records
Format: CD
MP3 | 160Kbps | 26:15 | 31,2Mb
1. El comegente  02:06
2. Adulterio zoofilico  03:00
3. Ascoculto  01:29
4. Canibal esquizofrenia  01:41
5. Coprofilia  01:57
6. Cubierto de moscas  02:02
7. Gusanos en mi cuerpo  01:28
8. Infecciosa entrepierna  01:05
9. Infectado por el pus de la gangrena  02:02
10. Infierno en carne viva  01:59
11. Moco jugoso  01:40
12. Prolapso anal  01:57
13. Putrefaccion en los pasillos de la morgue  01:58
14. Purulencia mucosa  01:46

*The song "El Comegente" is based on the infamous case of Dorangel Vargas, dubbed the "Hannibal Lecter of the Andes", who confessed to have killed and eaten at least 10 men between 1998 and 1999.
*Recorded 25 February 2007 in Estudios Cero DB.


General Surgery/Machetazo

Type: Split
Release date: September 2004
Catalog ID: symptom 04
Label: Escorbuto
Format: 7" vinyl (33⅓ RPM), Limited edition (1500 copies)
MP3 | 320Kbps | 10:29 | 14,8Mb
General Surgery:
1. Necrodecontamination  01:21
2. Forensic Farce  01:28
3. Viva! Blunt Force Trauma/Cold Storage Fever  02:36
4. Caverna De Antropógafos  01:06
5. Luto  02:18
6. El Que Susurra En La Oscuridad  01:37

*7" vinyl, comes with insert. Limited edition of 1500 copies.
*General Surgery recorded Oct-Nov. 2003 at Bacup Studio. Drums recorded at Offbeat studio.
*Machetazo recorded in Estudio Treboada 22, 28, 29 November 2003.

Children of Bodom

Country of origin: Finland
Location: Espoo, Uusimaa
Status: Active
Formed in: 1997
Years active: 1993-1997 (as Inearthed), 1997-present
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Hate, Lake Bodom, Anger, Antagonism
Current label: Nuclear Blast
Henkka T. Blacksmith: Bass (1997-present)
Jaska W. Raatikainen: Drums (1997-present)
Janne Warman: Keyboards (1997-present)
Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho: Vocals, Guitars (lead) (1997-present)
Daniel Freyberg: Guitars (rhythm) (2016-present)

The group started out in 1993 and released all of their demos as Inearthed. The band faked a split-up and changed their name to Children of Bodom just before the release of Something Wild to escape from a record deal with a smaller label (perceived by the band as a "rip-off") in order to sign to Spinefarm Records.
 Children of Bodom acquired their name from a legendary murder that took place in Finland at Lake Bodom. When four teens went camping at Lake Bodom in 1960, three of them were stabbed to death in the middle of the night and the man who survived, Nils Gustafsson, went insane and was committed to an asylum. He said he saw the Grim Reaper. In 2004 the Finnish Police arrested Nils Gustafsson, who was assumed to be the killer. However, there wasn't enough proof against him, so he was acquitted and the case still remains unsolved. The Grim Reaper is Children of Bodom's mascot and has appeared on all of their album covers to date.
 Alexander Kuoppala left the band in 2003 in an attempt to be free of the lifestyle he was living, saying by having no fun he was 'robbing the band of potential'. He was replaced by one of Alexi  Laiho's guitar idols, Roope Latvala of Finnish thrash metal band Stone.
The Grim Reaper mascot Children of Bodom featured on the album covers is jokingly named "Roy".
After the release of Something Wild, Alexi Laiho attempted to commit suicide with sleeping pills. He spent a week in a coma before being revived.
- Erna Siikavirta filled in on tour in 1998 because Janne Warman had not yet finished his schooling.
Compilation Appearances
- "Banned From Heaven" on Thrash Invasion (Metal Hammer, 2008)

  Something Wild (1997)

  Hatebreeder (1999)

  Follow the Reaper (2000)

  Hate Crew Deathroll (2003)

  Are You Dead Yet? (2005)

  Blooddrunk (2008)

  Relentless Reckless Forever (2011)

  Halo of Blood (2013)

  I Worship Chaos (2015)


Rotting Christ

Country of origin: Greece
Location: Athens, Attica
Status: Active
Formed in: 1987
Years active: 1987-present

Genre: Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Extreme Metal (later)
Lyrical themes: Anti-Christianity, Occultism, Greek mythology
Current label: Season of Mist

Themis Tolis: Drums (1987-present)
Sakis Tolis: Guitars, Vocals (1987-present)
Van Ace: Bass (2014-present)
George Emmanuel: Guitars (2014-present)
Before they formed Rotting Christ, Sakis Tolis, Themis Tolis and Mutilator played in a band together called Black Church, which they started in 1985. They went on to create Rotting Christ in 1987.
 From 1987-89 Rotting Christ were a grindcore band, after Satanas Tedeum their sound shifted towards black metal. In due time, with the release of A Dead Poem, the band's sound evolved towards the dark metal and gothic metal realms, with the blackened elements less prominent. They started going back to their heavier sound on Khronos and on Sanctus Diavolos they blackened their sound even more. With Theogonia, the band began incorporating folk/world music elements into their music.
 In 2012 the band announced that the line-up from their first three albums (Sakis Tolis, Themis Tolis, Mutilator, George Zacharopoulos) will get together again for a show in Nuclear War Now festival in Berlin, Germany celebrating their 1000th show and play songs exclusively from their first three albums and demos. When the time came for this one show the band actually appeared with the current 2012 line up and not the original as it was planned.
 In 2016, due to legal issues regarding religious groups in South Africa boycotting the band, they will be performing under the name Χ Ξ Σ there.
Compilation appearances:
 - "Asthmatic Apoplexy", Mutilador Compilation Volume II Cassette (Mutilador Tapes, 1989)
 - "Black Sabbath" on "Sabbath Cadabra, A Greek Tribute to Black Sabbath" (Metal Hammer, 2013)

  Thy Mighty Contract (1993)

  Non Serviam (1994)

  Triarchy of the Lost Lovers (1996)

  A Dead Poem (1997)

  Sleep of the Angels (1999)

  Khronos (2000)

  Genesis (2002)

  Sanctus Diavolos (2004)

  Theogonia (2007)

  Aealo (2010)

  Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (2013)

  Rituals (2016)


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Paradise Lost

Artist: Paradise Lost
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: Halifax, England
Status: Active
Formed in: 1988
Years active: 1988-present
Genre: Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Lyrical themes: Death, Fear, Anti-God, Personal, Life
Current label: Nuclear Blast

Stephen Edmondson: Bass (1988-present)
Gregor Mackintosh: Guitars (lead), Keyboards (1988-present)
Aaron Aedy: Guitars (rhythm) (1988-present)
Nick Holmes: Vocals (1988-present)
Waltteri Väyrynen: Drums (2016-present)
One of the pioneers of doom/death alongside Anathema and My Dying Bride.
 They are named after the poem Paradise Lost by the English poet John Milton.
 Founded on March 26, 1988. They wrote a song, "Blood Filled Eyes", at that first rehearsal, which was never recorded.
Compilation Appearances:
 - "Internal Torment II" on Vile Vibes (Peaceville, 1990)
 - "Gothic" on Peaceville Vol. 4 (Peaceville, 1992)
 - "Gothic" and "The World Made Flesh" on Metal Attack (On Tour, 1993)
 - "In Nomine Satanas" on In the Name of Satan (A tribute to Venom) (GUN Records, 1994)
 - "As I Die" (live) on Metallurgy 2 - Reasons to be Fearful (Hard Stuff Division, 1996)
 - "As I Die" on Rock & Metal Factory (Disky, 1997)
In 1998, Holy Records released "As We Die For...Paradise Lost", a tribute album featuring Orphaned Land, Septicflesh and Misanthrope, among others.
Fono Ltd. released "The Plague Inside: A tribute to Paradise Lost" in 2016.

  Lost Paradise (1990)

  Gothic (1991)

  Shades of God (1992)

  Icon (1993)

  Draconian Times (1995)

  One Second (1997)

  Host (1999)

  Believe in Nothing (2001)

  Symbol of Life (2002)

  Paradise Lost (2005)

  In Requiem (2007)

  Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (2009)

  Tragic Idol (2012)

  The Plague Within (2015)

  Medusa (2017)