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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rubufaso Mukufo

Country of origin: Czech Republic
Location: Ostrava
Status: Active
Formed in: 2006
Years active: 2006-?, 2017-present
Genre: Grindcore
Lyrical themes: N/A
Current label: Khaaranus Productions
Petah: Bass
Michal: Drums
Dan Vajico: Guitars
Bilos: Vocals (2017-present)

Additional Discography:
 - Contributed "Lets Loot Deeper to the Slot" (0:45) to "100 Way Splatter Fetish 2" (Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures, 2009)  

  Underclass - Split (2007)

  Mortal Assassinity - Split (2009)

  ReMoLAB (2010)

  Violent Show EP (2017)

  Rubufaso Mukufo / Epicrise / Nervous Impulse (2017)