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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Artist: Afgrund
Country of origin: International
Location: Latina, Italy / Linz, Austria
Status: Active
Formed in: 2006
Years active: 2006-present
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk
Lyrical themes: N/A
Current label: Willowtip Records

Enrico Marchiori: Guitars, Vocals
Eugene Ryabchenko: Drums (2015-present)
Patrik Howe:  Guitars, Vocals 

The band was formed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Compilation Appearances:
 - Covered "Shadows" (2:22) for "A Tribute to Nasum" (CD/2xLP, Power It Up Records, November 2009)
 - Covered "Splattered Cadavers" for "Tribute to Repulsion" (CD/LP, Wyatt Earp/F.D.A. Records, July 2009)


  Hjärtslag Och Djupa Andetag (2006)

  Afgrund / Relevant Few (2007)

  Svarta Dagar (2007)

  Vid Helvetets Grindar (2009)

  The Age of Dumb (2012)

  Corporatocracy (2013)

  The Dystopian (2018)

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