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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Artist: Dead
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria
Status: Active
Formed in: 1990
Years active: 1990-present
Genre: Porno Gore Grind
Lyrical themes: Sex, Rape, Death, Perversion, Porn
Current label: F.D.A. Records

Volker Dead: Bass, Vocals
Ali Dead: Drums, Vocals
Dany Dead: Guitars, Vocals


  Defeat Remains (1991)

  Slaves to Abysmal Perversity (1993)

  Dead / Gut (1994)

  Dead / Regurgitate (1994)

  You'll Never Know Pleasure - Until You've Tasted Pain (1995)

  Meat Shits / Dead (1995)

  V.I.P. (1998)

  Saturdaynight Grind Fever 2001 (2004)

  Les stars du rock porno (2004)

  Whorehouse of the Freaks (2006)

  Dead / Butcher ABC (2007)

  Haemorrage / Dead (2008)

  In the Bondage of Vice (2009)

  For Lovers of the New Bizarre (2011)

  Hardnaked but... Dead! (2011)

  Dead / Embalming Theatre (2012)

  A Dirty Mind Is a Joy Forever (2017)