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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Looking for an Answer

Artist: Looking for an Answer
Country of origin: Spain
Location: Madrid
Status: Active
Formed in: 1999
Years active: 1999-present
Genre: Grindcore
Lyrical themes: Animal liberation, Social disgust, Human misery
Current label: Willowtip Records

Félix: Guitars (1999-present)
Ramón: Bass (2000-present)
Makoko: Drums (2001), Guitars (2007-present)
Moya: Drums (2003-present)
Santi: Vocals (2014-present)

The band started as one man band of guitarist Felix. Later on vocalist Iñaki and bassist Ramón were added. The band recorded and played live with a drum machine until the arrival of drummer Moya.

During some shows, Santi from Nashgul briefly replaced Iñaki on vocals.

Ramón is the owner of the Living Dead Society label. Félix is the owner of Under the Knife Records.

Compilation appearances:
 - Covered "Driven to Insanity" on Tribute to Repulsion, F.D.A. Records 2009.


  Looking for an Answer (2000)

  Agathocles / Looking for an Answer (2000)

  Looking for an Answer / Kontraattaque (2001)

  Looking for an Answer / Comrades (2005)

  Looking for an Answer / Ira et Decessus (2005)

  Looking for an Answer / Overpowering (2005)

  Looking for an Answer / Zanussi (2005)

  Buscando una respuesta (2005)

  Looking for an Answer / Catheter (2006)

  Extinción (2007)

  La cacería (2009)

  Ratos de Porão / Looking for an Answer (2010)

  Split the Suffering, Split the Pain (2010)

  Cripple Bastards / Looking for an Answer (2011)

  Eterno Treblinka (2011)

  Kraken (2014)

  Dios carne (2017)