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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Embalming Theatre - No Grind for Old Men

Artist: Embalming Theatre
Album: No Grind for Old Men
Type: EP
Release date: November 2014
Catalog ID: N/A
Label: Power It Up Records
Format: Digital
MP3 | 275Kbps | 10:05 | 20,1Mb

1. Coin Locker Baby  01:21
2. Graveyard Rampage  01:15
3. Shotgun Vasectomy  01:26
4. Fatal Mental Lapses  00:59
5. Dennis Andrew Nilsen (Dahmer cover)  01:03
6. Foetus to Go Pt. 1  01:05
7. Flesh-eating Bacteria  00:56
8. Perforated Rectum (In Motel Sodomy)  01:33
9. My Home Is My Necropolis Pt.2  01:12
10. Crispy Parents  01:57
11. The Lopass Death-agony  01:07
12. Flush to the Gush  01:52
13. The Swimming Foot Mystery  01:32
14. Gasoline Gary  01:31
15. DDD: Dog Driver Death  00:40

Each track represents the year of the band's existence by recounting a true incident for that year:

Coin Locker Baby:
May 1999 / Tokyo: Parents went out for dinner for two. They put their 5-month old girl in a coin locker.

Graveyard Rampage:
July 2000 / Germany: A young drunk woman run amok with a stolen car. She attacked the retired owner of the car, destroyed cars, the cemetery gates, tombs, graves and the window of a police car.

Shotgun Vasectomy:
October 2001 / Texas (Cut and Shoot): A confessed child molester tried to avoid a life in prison. With a shotgun he castrated himself what ended his desire for molestation. But nevertheless he faced a punishment in jail.

Fatal Mental Lapses:
March 2002 / Colorado: Four shots were fired, none by the police, was found the pistol next to Gerald's body. Somehow he lost the chase... and his sense for coordination!

Dennis Andrew Nilsen (Dahmer cover):
During his time in maximum security prison, mass murderer Dennis Andrew Nilsen has proved a thorn in the side of prison authorities. In 2003, he brought a further judicial review over a decision not to allow him to publish his autobiography (entitled "The History of a Drowning Boy").

Foetus to Go Pt. 1:
December 2004 / Missouri: A woman carved a foetus from a mother's womb. The mother who was expecting her first child was found strangled in her home.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria:
January 2005 / Florida-Oregon: A flesh-eating bacteria forced doctors to amputate parts of a leg. A graduate received a cut after falling from his dirt bike.

Perforated Rectum (In Motel Sodomy):
August 2006 / San Mateo: A horrible couple had an altercation that ended in a brutal way. She said: "I know it's the alcohol that turns us into monsters".

My Home Is My Necropolis Pt.2:
May 2007/Spain: A Spanish house-buyer finds a mummified body. The remains were there for six years.

Crispy Parents:
September 2008 / Leeds: An elderly couple was "cooked to death". Their son feared their old gas appliance was too dangerous. All four burners on their new cooker were accidentally left on.

The Lopass Death-agony:
February 2009 / Florida: 2 women suffer organ failure after cosmetic bottom injections to make them look like J.Lo

Flush to the Gush:
January 2010 / Chicago: A woman is claiming the contents of a toilet exploded and splattered her while she rode a train.

The Swimming Foot Mystery:
September 2011 / British Columbia: Since 2007 11 human feet have washed up on the shore near B.C. and all feet were encased in running shoes...

Gasoline Gary:
February 2012 / North Carolina: A man burned to death after accidentally drinking from a jar containing gasoline and then smoking a cigarette.

DDD: Dog Driver Death:
January 2013 / Florida: A man died after his dog jumped info his van and landed on the vehicle's accelerator.