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Saturday, December 2, 2017

G.O.R.E. - Stand Up Sexy Ladies, the Boogie Band Is Here!

Artist: G.O.R.E.
Album: Stand Up Sexy Ladies, the Boogie Band Is Here!
Type: Full-length
Release date: April 12th, 2013
Catalog ID: KP 027
Label: Khaaranus Productions
Format: CD, Digipak
MP3 | 290Kbps | 26:44 | 56,3Mb

1. No Madam, Bed Isn't Wrigt Place for Playing  02:07
2. So Nice, So Sweet, So Hot... So Young... Ohh My God!  02:07
3. Tight to Tight, Thick to Thick...Wright? So Why Are We Together, Honey?  01:57
4. Don't Worry Honey, I Just Want to See You Inside Out  01:39
5. Twice Is Too Much??? Thrice Is Not Enought!!! I Wanna Scream All the Night  01:56
6. Stand Up Ladies, the Boogie Man Is Here  02:37
7. Your Eyes Remind Me Ice Age Squirrel  02:40
8. My Tiny Pussycat Meowing and Meowing. Where Are You My Tomcat?  02:08
9. Give Me Something More than Flowers, Mick!  00:11
10. It Doesn't Mean That We Belong to Each Other After Last Night  02:57
11. So Many Shits on My Sheet  02:03
12. Your High Heels Broke My Heart But Doesn't Hurt Me  01:56
13. Thanks Daddy for All That You Gave Me  02:26